Unfound: Two Suspects in Glendale Shooting



A shooting incident took place at a large party in a house near 59th Avenue and Cactus Road in Glendale, Arizona, with gunmen reportedly firing into the crowd. Upon their arrival, police found several shot cars and an unoccupied house. The two suspects, described as young males aged 15-20 and armed with handguns, fled on foot and have not yet been located.

Early Morning Shooting Incident in Glendale, AZ

A shooting incident took place on the early morning of Oct. 28, according to Glendale Police. Police responded to a house near 59th Avenue and Cactus Road where a large party was ongoing. Reports indicated that men were firing guns into the crowd. In the aftermath, several cars and an unoccupied house had been shot.

Suspects Flee Scene

Two men were reportedly seen running from the scene. Police tracked them down to 51st Street and Columbine Drive. Despite extensive search, the suspects could not be located. One suspect is described as a 15-20 year old Black male wearing a black hoodie, with a white logo, and light jeans. The other was cloaked in a red hoodie and light jeans. Both were reportedly armed with handguns.

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