Harrisburg Metro Area Ranks as the “Best Place to Live” in Pennsylvania

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Harrisburg, PA Tops the List as Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has been ranked as the number one place to live in the state, according to the renowned annual U.S. News & World Report’s Best Places to Live list for 2023-24.

Why Harrisburg Stands Out in Pennsylvania

In its report, U.S. News praised Harrisburg for attributes such as affordability, a vibrant arts scene, easy access to outdoor activities, and proximity to larger cities. The report states, “While Harrisburg isn’t necessarily regarded as affluent, it has a more affordable housing market and a lower cost of living than many of the East Coast’s larger metro areas.”

Ranking Criteria for Best Places to Live

Each year, U.S. News ranks the largest 150 metro areas in the United States using criteria such as desirability, value, job market, quality of life, and net migration. In the latest list, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Huntsville, Alabama, and Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, ranked as the top three best places to live nationwide. Harrisburg was ranked 38th overall, a slight drop from its 35th position last year, when it also ranked first in Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg’s High Marks for Value and Quality of Life

Receiving its highest marks for value and quality of life, Harrisburg’s lowest score was in desirability. According to U.S. News, quality of life consists of various factors, including crime rates, education quality, and healthcare access. Housing affordability and relative affordability compared to other metro areas constitutes value. Desirability is mainly based on a survey conducted by U.S. News with respondents from across the country, asking where they would most like to live.

Other Pennsylvania Cities in the Rankings

Other cities in Pennsylvania were also ranked, including Pittsburgh at No. 47, Lancaster at No. 55, York at No. 78, Scranton at No. 85, Reading at No. 88, Allentown at No. 109, and Philadelphia at No. 119.

Harrisburg’s High Ranking for Retirement

Last year, U.S. News also ranked Harrisburg as the No. 2 “best place to retire” in the entire country. In that report, Lancaster ranked as the No. 1 “best place to retire” in the nation.

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