One of the Most Beautiful Castles in the U.S. is Located in Pennsylvania

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Discover The Most Beautiful Castles in The US Right At Home

No need to traverse continents to marvel at stunning castles; incredible ones can be found right here in the U.S.! Some examples include Boldt Castle in New York and Scotty’s Castle in California. The dream of exploring castles is closer to home than you might think.

House Beautiful compiled a list of the most spectacular castles in the U.S. based on input from editors, interior designers, and various other sources. Their list not only includes traditional castles but also properties that offer the same “majestic glory” associated with castles.

Top-Ranked Pennsylvania Castle

Pennsylvania is home to a notable castle recognized for its beauty. Henry Chapman Mercer crafted this masterpiece, blending medieval, Gothic, and Byzantine architectural elements. His residence also serves as a museum for his collection of tiles and prints, according to the Mercer Museum website.

Pennsylvania also has other remarkable castles. For instance, The Castle at Little Roundtop in Gettysburg and the Nemacolin Castle in Brownsville are worth a visit.

Check out their comprehensive list of stunning homes here. The list includes a secret gem in Central Park, an 800-year-old cliffside dwelling in Arizona, and the location of Kevin Jonas’ wedding and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video filming.

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If you’re wondering about travel without a passport, you’re not alone—according to the State Department, about 55% of Americans do not possess a passport. But fear not, there are plenty of fantastic places you can visit without one, like the captivating U.S. Virgin Islands.

Do Cruises Require a Passport?

When it comes to closed-loop cruises, travelers have some flexibility with passport requirements. According to One World Family Travel, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative allows passengers on these cruises to travel without providing proof of a passport. However, it’s always best to confirm with your cruise line for specific details.

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