Swansea Memorial Park’s Innovative Outdoor Fitness Court Upgrade


Swansea Memorial Park’s Free Outdoor Fitness Court

Imagine having access to a free outdoor fitness center. If this sounds exciting to you, you’re not alone. Many fitness enthusiasts are anticipating the opening of the new fitness court at Swansea Memorial Park.

The New Fitness Court

Fitness enthusiasts of 14 years and above will soon have access to a 80-by-40-foot fitness court. The completion of the court work means you can look forward to using the new facility very soon, possibly by mid-November. The town highway department is putting the finishing touches on the court perimeter work, including drainage.

Location of the Fitness Court

The NFC Fitness Court is conveniently situated at the north end of the park. Its location is across Milford Road from the entrance to Case High School and on the opposite side of the park road from the recently renovated playground and tennis courts.

Free Workouts and More

The fitness court, predominantly ocean blue, is divided into two sides by a wall. One side features a 20-by-20-foot exercise studio designed for yoga and aerobics. The other side offers seven stations for low-impact and agility exercises. It was constructed in about three days by the National Fitness Campaign, which partners with Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Funding for the Fitness Center

The funding for the fitness center was made possible through a grant opportunity discovered by former Parks Superintendent Matt Beane, in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association. The town approved $125,000 for the project last spring.

How to Use the Fitness Center

The fitness court, which complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, is available for group exercise classes. The outdoor nature of the court is appealing to those concerned about COVID, offering a space for fitness-minded individuals to gather and engage in healthy, active lifestyles. The court features seven stations: core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility, and bend.

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