Exciting Highlights from 51st Pulaski Days Parade, Grand Rapids



The 51st annual Pulaski Days Parade was celebrated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with people lining Michigan Street in red outfits. Pulaski Days, a week-long event that shares Polish culture with the local community, was first created in 1973 by Ed Czyzyk and Walter Ulanch, and is celebrated every first week of October. The event, which began on October 1, was filled with various activities and performances, and concluded on Sunday, October 8.

51st Annual Pulaski Days Parade in Grand Rapids

The streets of Michigan from College Avenue to Diamond Avenue were a sea of red outfits on Saturday morning for the 51st annual Pulaski Days Parade. This week-long celebration of Polish culture started in 1973 and is held every first week of October in Grand Rapids.

The 51st Pulaski Days kicked off on Oct. 1 with a flag-raising ceremony at Diamond Hall. The celebration continues until Sunday, Oct. 8, with events such as Polka Mass and various performances.

Experience Polish Culture at Pulaski Days

To learn more about the significance of Pulaski Days and how it celebrates Polish pride across Grand Rapids, click here.

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