I-10 in California Reopens Monday Post-Fire



Interstate 10 in Los Angeles, which was closed after a fire damaged a section of the roadway, is set to fully reopen on Monday, according to officials. The fire, suspected to be intentional, damaged more than 100 columns supporting the freeway, a crucial route for 300,000 daily commuters. Despite initial estimates that it would take months to repair, officials were able to speed up the process, with the estimated $3 million cost covered by federal funds.

LA’s Interstate 10 to Reopen Following Damaging Fire

Officials announced that Interstate 10 in Los Angeles, which was severely damaged by a fire, will fully reopen on Monday. The announcement comes more than a week following the incident.

California Governor Gavin Newsom revealed that the highway could be partially reopened by Sunday evening and would be completely operational by Monday. Newsom made the announcement alongside other officials, including LA Mayor Karen Bass and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Mayor Bass acknowledged the crucial role the freeway plays for daily travel in Los Angeles. She commended the collaborative effort displayed in urgently repairing the freeway, emphasizing the significance of the artery to the 300,000 Angelenos who use it daily.

The disruptive fire, which broke out in the early hours of November 11, damaged over 100 freeway columns and forced closure of a two-mile segment. The incident, suspected to have been caused by a deliberate act in a downtown industrial district, was reportedly started in an enclosure filled with wooden pallets.

Cal Fire, the state’s fire agency, released two photos of a “person of interest” connected with the fire on social media. Furthermore, state inspectors had previously identified fire and safety hazards at the site, according to The Associated Press.

Officials initially suggested repair work could take months, posing serious commuting challenges for the car-dependent city. However, Newsom and Bass expedited the repair timeframe, assuring that all lanes would be operational before Thanksgiving. They revealed on Sunday that crews worked round the clock to reopen the section ahead of schedule.

Senator Alex Padilla of California stated that the estimated repair cost of $3 million would be covered by federal funds. “We don’t have to wait until Thursday to give thanks for the opening before the Thanksgiving holiday of the I-10,” Padilla commented.

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