Phoenix Police Boost Synagogue Patrols after Israel Attack



Phoenix police have increased patrols around synagogues and other areas in response to an attack on Israel. Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego made a public announcement on social media, where she voiced her support for Israel and condemned Hamas’s attacks on innocent people. Sgt. Phil Krynsky of the Phoenix Police Department said officers have enhanced patrols in various areas, and the department will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Phoenix Police Enhance Patrols in Response to Israel Attack

Following an attack on Israel, Phoenix police have increased patrols around synagogues and other unspecified locations in Phoenix. Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallego, took to X, the social media app formerly known as Twitter, expressing strong support for Israel and informing the public of the updated policing measures.

Mayor Gallego’s statement read, “I’m proud to stand with Israel and condemn Hamas’s attacks on innocent people in the strongest terms. Here in Phoenix, our police are stepping up patrols near synagogues— and our hearts are with our many friends throughout Israel.”

Sgt. Phil Krynsky of the Phoenix Police Department, while providing further details on the matter, did not specify the areas of enhanced patrols. He did, however, echo the sentiments of the community’s commitment towards vigilance, urging anyone who sees something suspicious to report to the police immediately.

Krynsky said, “Phoenix Police Department is aware of the events occurring in Israel and have been in close communication with our local and federal partners. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and have currently implemented enhanced patrol in various areas.” Readers can find more images of the situation in Israel in this online picture gallery.

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