Top 15-Minute Arm Toning Workouts from Celebrity Trainer


Effective Exercises to Tone Your Arms by Celebrity Personal Trainer

If you are looking to tone your arms, celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather (, recommends the downward dog alternating touchbacks exercise. To get into this position, start in a high plank with your hands directly beneath your shoulders and feet hip-width apart. Make sure your core is engaged to maintain a solid torso position.

Without moving your hands, lift your glutes towards the sky, shifting your weight back to achieve the downward dog position. Touch your right hand to your left shin or foot, then return to the high plank position. Repeat this movement by touching your left hand to your right shin or foot. Keep alternating between left and right.

Set Goals Based on Your Fitness Level

If you are a beginner, try to do four taps, rest, and aim for ten sets. If you’re at the intermediate level, work for 20 seconds, rest for ten seconds and do eight sets. For advanced exercisers, aim for a minute-long exercise with a ten-second rest between three to five sets.

Diet Tips for Reducing Arm Fat

Losing arm fat may take some time, but a good diet can speed up the process. Nutrition expert Lola Biggs ( advises eating fibre-rich foods like nuts, seeds, whole grains, and fruits to help you feel fuller for a longer period and reduce your snacking habits.

Protein-rich foods such as eggs, fatty fish, and lean meat are also beneficial. Reducing your intake of processed and sugary foods can help, as high sugar consumption can lead to an increase in insulin, which in turn causes calories to be stored as fat. Increasing your water intake can also boost your metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

Appropriate Workout Clothes

Choosing appropriate workout attire can also enhance your fitness journey. A great outfit can not only improve your overall performance but also make you feel comfortable and confident during your workout.

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