Weight Loss Coach Reveals Top Non-Diet-Exercise Issue Blocking Slimming Success


A Weight Loss Coach’s Insight into Successful Weight Loss

A weight loss coach who once weighed over 200 pounds has given her insight into why you might be struggling to lose weight. The issue may be one you’re not even aware of.

The Transformation of Maggie Sterling

Maggie Sterling, a mother from Utah, shed 60 pounds and transformed her body after she shifted her focus from dieting to mindset, healing her relationship with food in the process.

Sterling’s Weight Loss Tips on TikTok

As the founder of The Vibe Club, Sterling has amassed more than 175,000 followers on TikTok, where she gives advice on how to lose weight without counting calories or over-exerting yourself at the gym. Popular on the platform under her handle @maggiesterlingcoaching, she’s gone viral for outlining a common weight loss mistake many people make.

Identifying the Weight Loss Problem

“‘You will never lose weight if you don’t address this one problem,’ she began. ‘It has nothing to do with nutrition or exercise, and most people don’t even know that it’s a problem.’ Sterling highlighted the all-or-nothing attitude people often have towards their weight loss plans as the main culprit.

Describing a typical day, Sterling explained: “‘You wake up in the morning; you’re feeling good. You eat breakfast on plan, lunch on plan, dinner on plan, and then after dinner you walk into the pantry.’

Uncontrolled eating ensues, often leading to feelings of regret and shame – triggering a cycle that can derail the entire weight loss goal. According to Sterling, this is because of default thinking, the negative thoughts your brain presents as truth.

Overcoming Negative Thinking for Weight Loss

Default thinking causes you to make future food and exercise choices from a place of shame and regret. However, if you are aware of this pattern, you can redirect your default thinking. It’s about separating what you did from what it means,’ she concluded.

‘Noticing and redirecting your default thinking is one of the best ways to start changing your mindset with weight loss,’ she added in the caption. Sterling’s video has been viewed more than 3.5 million times and has received hundreds of comments, with many viewers agreeing with her insights.

Healing through Mindset Change

Sterling, who herself experienced emotional eating and binge eating, managed to overcome these challenges by changing her mindset about food. In a recent video, she shared a throwback photo of herself before her weight loss journey began.

The footage cuts to a recent picture of her flexing in the gym. She writes ‘The consistency pays off. I never strength trained more than 2-3x a week and I never tracked a calorie,’ in the caption.

‘The secret was healing my diet mentality, not obsessing over my weight, and reconnecting to my body. This was not a fast process. But damn it was worth it. The inner work was worth way more to me than the outer results. But I love feeling strong!’

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