Biden Pledges $5 Billion for Rural Communities at Event Series



President Biden announced over $5 billion in new investments as part of his Investing in America agenda, to support economic development and sustainability in rural America, and to help farmers adopt new climate-smart agricultural practices. The investment includes $1.7 billion for climate-smart agriculture, $1.1 billion for rural American infrastructure, $2 billion for job creation and rural-led economic development, $274 million for expanding rural high-speed internet infrastructure, and $145 million to expand access to renewable energy and lower energy costs for rural Americans. The announcement is part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in Rural America Event Series to highlight the administration’s investments in rural America and how they are bringing new revenue to farms, increased economic development in rural towns and communities, and more opportunity across the country.

President Biden Announces Over $5 Billion in Investments for Rural America

President Biden is set to lead the Investing in Rural America Event Series, during which he will announce over $5 billion in new investments from the Investing in America agenda. These investments are focused on increasing economic development and sustainability in rural communities, aiming to advance rural prosperity and competition under the Biden Administration.

The Event Series will feature Cabinet members and Senior Administration Officials visiting rural towns and communities across the nation. The goal is to highlight how these investments are creating new revenue for farms and opportunities for local communities.

Investments in Climate-Smart Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Economic Development

The funding will include $1.7 billion for the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices, which will provide environmental and economic benefits to farmers. This includes a remarkable $1.1 billion investment in 81 projects through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, aimed at expanding conservation efforts.

Additionally, $1.1 billion will be dedicated to upgrading infrastructure in rural communities, which will bring jobs, clean water, fuel, and reliable electricity to nearly every state. Also, $2 billion will be invested in 99 economic development projects in Rural Partners Network communities, aimed at creating jobs, building infrastructure, and improving access to essential services like healthcare, housing, clean water, and energy.

Expanding Access to High-Speed Internet and Renewable Energy

Moreover, $274 million will be used to expand high-speed internet access in eight states and $145 million will be dedicated to helping agricultural and rural businesses make energy efficiency improvements through the Rural Energy for America Program. These investments aim to lower energy costs, generate new income, and enhance their operations’ resiliency.

These announcements add to the billions already invested by the Biden-Harris Administration to stimulate rural America, including expanding market access and increasing competition for farmers and producers.

For more details on the Biden-Harris Administration’s investments in rural America, visit this Fact Sheet.

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